Big thinkers. Relationship builders.

Just like relationships, brands often have only one chance to make the right impression on a customer. Whether that customer is experiencing the brand on a tablet, mobile phone or desktop, through search, display media, direct-to-site or a myriad of other paths, the strategy, messaging and implementation have to not just solve a customer’s need, but create an impression that drives a conversion.

At PMG, we aid our clients in creating lasting impressions and meaningful conversations, thus ensuring them higher ROI, in depth analysis and long-term success. We do this by getting to know each client’s unique needs, applying our proprietary discovery and planning process and creating technical products based on our client’s specifications.

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Our Method
Search (Paid | SEO)
Tech & Dev
Media Buying
Mobile & Tablet
We create mind share.
From social marketing to display media, landing pages to mobile apps, our full team of creative minds helps some of the top brands in the world connect with their customers. Our team not only produces eye-catching designs, but also conceptually driven work to ensure the message is not just seen and heard — but that it creates an emotional connection that great design should inspire.
Responsive, Agile and Curiously Innovative.
There are so many variables to consider when merging technology and business decisions. At our core, we are entrepreneurs. And we treat our customers’ businesses like our own. So, when we build, we build to spec. We work fast. Revise even faster. We create technologies that achieve our clients’ goals, offer them features they didn’t even know they needed, all while blowing their customers’ expectations out of the water.
We know your mix.
From our perspective, media buying is one part science and one part art. It is about understanding your target customer’s behavior, media consumption patterns and reaction to various messages. We then utilize that understanding within the latest technologies to ensure you are reaching the right audience, with the laser-focused message and the perfect time.
It takes fresh perspective and resilience.
We have built our business by working with innovative brands. Pioneers. Marketers who push the envelope and are open to better ways of reaching a goal or communicating with a customer. So, therefore, we don’t have one strategy leader or a strategy team. We hire entrepreneurs across the board. Our team is made up of business minds who happen to excel in marketing, creative, technology or analytics. We hire strategic leaders, create an environment of education and innovation, and then watch the magic happen.
Data is for nerds. Like us.
Some might call us detail-oriented. Others? Picky. Either way, our clients benefit from our culture of measurement and reporting. We not only provide custom reporting based on each client’s unique needs, we have built our complex proprietary technologies to spec based on what we anticipate our clients’ needs to be in the future.
3 screens are better than 1.
Whether a customer is shopping from a desktop at work, trying to locate a store on a mobile phone or searching for a specific product on an iPad, they absolutely expect a seamless experience between each device, experience and campaign. Whether our clients are launching new websites, or simply building out a seasonal campaign, we work with them to consider the customer experience on every screen. We build solutions in-house to solve for each format’s specifications and to meet the consumer-driven communications needs across devices.
Bright lights. Big ideas.
We like ideas. Fortunately, we have the benefit of working with a lot of bright people: agency and client alike. Our workflow allows us to ideate constantly and in consideration of our charge as an agency, we look forward to a good technology challenge or strategic gap. The PMG culture is built on innovation, invention and client solution. If you want something built, created, matched or discovered – we are here to guide and resource the entire idea.

Call us enablers.

At PMG, we not only empower our clients to create successful and innovative digital marketing programs. We act as an extension of their marketing group. Think of us as strategic consultants that actually do the work. We create. We produce. We lead. We DO.

Each team member at PMG is committed to finding the most profitable and authentic ways to help every client reach more customers, create better conversion paths, measure lifetime value, and exceed the goals unique to their business.

Strictly speaking: PMG is a full-service digital agency that cultivates the world’s most progressive brands online utilizing digital media, social media, e-commerce usability, information architecture (IA), and creative design. Headquartered in Dallas/Fort Worth, our clients range from retail and luxury to hospitality and CPG, but they all have in common the elusive trait of being pioneers in their own space. Our clients are hungry. They are cutting-edge. We are proud to enable their greatness.
The Team
Do you need some right brain creativity? Some left brain analytics? Well, whatever mindset you’re in, we’ve got you covered.

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